Department of Electronics and Communication

Training the students to empower the employable opportunities in next generation electronics and telecommunication industries

The Electronics and Communication Engineering department is dedicated to train and coach the engineering students towards the recent innovation in advance electronic science and develop the student’s skills to explore in the application of such technologies with other fields of engineering.

The department provides the best possible infra-structure with abundant hardware and software resources in training the students to empower the employable opportunities in next generation electronics and telecommunication industries. The mission and vision of the department is targeted to become centers of excellence through quality education and collaborative research activities. The specialized areas in Electronics engineering such as VLSI, Embedded Systems and RF & Microwave Laboratories through expertise faculty members to adapt and meet the technological need of the core industries.


To impart quality technical education that develops innovative professionals and entrepreneurs and to undertake research that generates cutting edge technologies and futuristic knowledge, focusing on the socio-economic needs.


To educate the students with the state of art technologies to meet the growing challenges of the industry

To carry out research through constant interaction with research organizations and industry

To equip the students with strong foundations to enable them for continuing education

Program Outcomes

Utilize the knowledge of basic sciences and engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering field

Solve complex problems to achieve demonstrated conclusions using mathematical principles and engineering sciences.

Design system components that meet the requirement of public safety and offer solutions to the environmental concerns.

Apply research based knowledge to design and conduct experiments, analyze, synthesize and interpret the data

To select and apply appropriate techniques for the design & analysis of systems using modern tools.

Examine the impact of engineering solutions and utilize the knowledge for sustained development.

Apply the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety and cultural issues Endure the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.

Develop consciousness of professional, ethical and social responsibilities as experts in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Demonstrate resourcefulness for contemporary issues and lifelong learning.

To communicate effectively to both the peers and as well as receive clear instructions

To apply engineering & management principles in their own and team projects in multidisciplinary environment


Electronics Lab I is all about using electronic devices and their characteristics applications which helps construct small electronic circuits. The Lab is well-equipped with all basic Electronic devices and their characteristics, applications. Using these devices the small electronic circuits can be constructed and checked

Digital Electronics Lab II has the facility to conduct all digital I.C related experiments using trainer kits as well as software like VHDL.

Microprocessor and Micro-controller Lab has various types of microprocessor, micro controller trainer kits along with interfacing modules.

Communication Lab has all types of modulation and demodulation demonstrating recent techniques that can be studied. The recent like fiber optic techniques and has highly advanced digital storage oscilloscopes.

DSP Lab The detailed study of the digital electronics & signal processing concept based experiments can be performed. This lab has more than 30 Pentium IV 512 MB personnel computer along with required software like MATLABR2013aversion.

VLSI Lab deals design entry and simulation of combinational logic circuits, sequential circuits, highlighting test bench creation, functional verification, and concepts of concurrent and sequential execution

Networks Lab creates scenery and studies the performance of different protocols, network and verification of different algorithms through simulation