Smart Class Room

“Mind is a lousy master but a wonderful servant”


Smart Classrooms enrich the learning experience with the latest in mainframe and projection technology. Relaxed podium-style consoles house a variety of hypermedia and computer equipment connected to LCD projection for bright, clear images.

Smart Classrooms are equipped with various instructional technologies that enable students to explore various topics in the field of engineering and technology.


"Seeing is believing and doing is understanding"


Lab facility at SRIET is managed by Department of Computer Science Engineering. SRIET labs are fully equipped with systems updated with latest technologies and equipments to provide active learning experience and exposure to the SRIETians


“Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man”


Knowledge is centred on a continuous rise of data and signifies one of the most important wealth of a flourishing nation.Education, Exploration, Innovation and Economic development involve a fast and transcontinental information source to every place at any time.The library at SRIET is a centre of information and a place of learning for all students, researchers, and people seeking reliable information

Our college has a well-stacked library and it is nestled in the first floor of our building in an area of 430 sq m. Our Library has a collection of 6500 volumes of books and 110 national and international print and online journals. The aim of our knowledge bank is to provide information services to the students through print and e-resources to enhance the scholarly and informational needs of the campus community. The fully computerized central library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of books, print and e-journal CD/DVDs, online databases and open access system.The strength of the mind is exercise not rest. The more you read the more capable you become.


“Travel with fun, share and brainstorm”


Transport facility is provided to have access from the major points of the city and nearby places to SRIET. At present, there are 10 buses and 2 vans plying to and fro diverse directions. Bus facility is provided throughout the year to the students, the faculty and the staff. No charges are collected from the faculty and staff


“Home away from Home”


SRIET has well-furnished separate hostels for boys and girls. The rooms are spacious, furnished with modern amenities. Our objective is to offer a whole-hearted, homely atmosphere that would encourage students in their academic and personal pursuits
Pure RO treated water is provided and absolute cleanliness is maintained. The food is cooked with care and served with love to the young budding engineers