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Computer Science Lab

Computer Programming Lab introduces the field of software programming to the students. Its major goal is to improve the programming abilities of students through the application of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals for the development of software.

Database Management System Lab deals with database related practical. It provides an environment that is both convenient and efficient in the storage and retrieval of information. The Lab serves the following purposes

  • The use of structured query language (SQL) as a data definition language, data manipulation language & data control language
  • Implementation of security and permissions in SQL server
  • Design entity relationship models for business problem and develop a normalized database structure


Data Structures Lab is about storing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently. A well designed data structure allows a variety of critical operations to be performed efficiently in minimum execution time consuming memory space optimally.
The Lab serves the following purposes

  • Various operations and programming languages are used in the implementation of data structures
  • The quality of large system heavily depends on the data structures used
  • Various building blocks of programming languages like arrays, trees, records, etc can be easily understood using data structure lab
  • To implement various interfaces between functions and to access storage of data in a structured manner
  • Students learn the concept of data organization


Internet Programming Lab imparts the students about the importance of Internet technologies, websites and cyber ethics. Students can develop dynamic and interactive websites by using programming languages. It improves the ability to use HTML tags, CSS and open source programming languages.


Mobile Application Lab allows students to learn about Android studio and develops simple GUI applications. Students can create, compile and execute client/ server side mobile applications by using JAVA and Eclipse for programming concepts.


Network Lab deals with establishment of communication over a computer network. Students can learn the types of networks, its structure and protocols used for communication. Also familiar with the network devices, server configuration and commands.

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