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EEE Labs

Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory

  • It consists of different kinds of demo kits such as SCR characteristics, study kit for D.C motor control using chopper and necessary simulation software.
  • The lab is equipped with all the power electronic converters, DSP and FPGA based DC and AC Drives, Digital Integrated kits, Power supplies.

Electrical Machines Laboratory

  • Imparts the knowledge about characteristics and behaviour of the DC and AC Machines.               
  • Well established with all kinds of motors, generators and latest Drives.

Control System Laboratory

  • Lab is equipped with control system kits like DC servomotor and synchros.
  • Well established with instrumentation kits like LVDT, strain guage, thermistor and thermocouple kit
  • Provides an opportunity for the students to implement the control system concepts

Power System Simulation Laboratory

  • Furnished with high speed internet facilities in all the systems.
  • Software like ETABS in this lab interface the mathematical computing visualization and a powerful language to provide a flexible environment for technical computing in the areas of power electronics, control system, power system and electronic circuits.

Engineering Practices Laboratory

  • To impart the practical knowledge to the students about the Domestic Appliances, wiring, transformers DC machines, AC machines and basic electronic circuits.
  • Established with the basic tools, machines and accessories to provide service to all first year students

Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • The Renewable energy laboratory is equipped with solar photovoltaic training and research system, solar thermal training system, solar concentrator training system and wind energy training system.

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