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Waste Management

SRIET encourages and educates staff members as well as students to reduce waste at the campus.

Solid Waste Management

  • Wet and dry wastes are collected by the housekeeping personnel on daily basis
  • In common areas, bins are placed for the collection of waste materials
  • SRIET promotes green initiatives like Plastic Free campus and Swachh Bharath to encourage environment friendly practices
  • Efforts are taken to produce Biogas from Canteen and Hostel wastes
  • Garden waste are converted to manure by adding it to compost pit and decomposed manure will used for gardening in the campus
  • Metals, Glass, Plastic and other Non-biodegradable wastes are handed over to authorized personnel from municipal corporation for disposal or recycling based on the nature of waste

Liquid Waste Management

  • The liquid waste at campus includes Canteen, Hostel, R.O. reject, Laboratory, Sewage and other effluent waste
  • Sewage treatment plant runs with total design capacity of 75 KLD (kilolitres per day) to treat entire wastewater generated in the campus and to reuse the treated water for non-contact use like gardening. The treated effluent meets the standard for the following parameters like, pH, suspended solids, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Oil and grease

Biomedical Waste Management

  • Biomedical waste from laboratories and other sources are given to the external agencies for proper disposal
  • To facilitate the proper disposal of Sanitary Napkins, Incinerator has been installed.

E- Waste Management

  • The E-wastes includes cartridges, outdated electronic and laboratory devices, etc. are collected and stored in the store room
  • The minor repairs of electronic devices are done by lab assistants and major repairs are outsourced
  • Old Monitors and CPUs are repaired or upgraded and reused
  • UPS and Batteries are recharged, exchanged or buy-back by the suppliers
  • E-wastes are disposed or sold out as scrap to external agencies every year accordingly

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