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Employability Enhancement and Higher Education

Employability is a set of skills, knowledge and personal attributes that make an individual more employable. Institutions of higher education are examining the methods they use to enhance student employability and are exercising various measures to grow and strengthen this. These programs are helpful in producing engineering graduates adequately equipped with required skills to achieve the highest personal and professional standards by means of intensive hands-on training on state-of-the-art telecom & IT equipment to enable the Indian technical expertise globally acceptable. EEP will enhance the employability quotient and gives the much-needed edge in the hiring process. And also encourages students for higher education.  EEPs are crafted in order to bridge the gap between skills possessed by the employees and the abilities that are looked for by the organization. We, the faculty of SRIET bridges the gap between the industry and the curriculum using these Employability Enhancement Programs.


To enhance the employability of students, SRIET provides weekly hands-on trainings at SRI RANGANATHAR INDUSTRIES.

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