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Rain Water Harvesting

SRIET implemented Rain Water Harvesting within the campus as an alternative source of water. The rain water conservation resolves the high demand of water in the institution. The harvested rain water is used for non-drinking purposes like gardening, water supply for canteen, hostel, laboratories, laundry, and toilets.


SRIET has built a rainwater harvesting system of size 24 x 9 feet, 20 feet high which collects the rain water from the terrace of over 15,000 square feet water collection area. The rainwater that falls on the roof is channelized by the roof catchment systems into a tank through gutters and pipes. The capacity of the tank is 1,50,000 litres. Through rain water harvesting water sources will be recharged as well as restores the wells. It can reduce soil erosion and controls surface water run-off. And also improves freshwater consistency and quality of water.

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