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Research and Development (RD)

Sri Ranganathar Institute of Engineering and Technology (SRIET) focuses on excellence in Research and aims to develop sustainable future society. The main objective of the R & D cell is to address challenges to develop sustainable world through cutting edge researches. SRIET have a Special Interest Group is working towards multi-disciplinary research to solve industrial and societal problems, which helps to develop students as well as faculties’ social responsibility. R & D Cell involves in interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research activities which results in developing new products, new processes and theories thereby intellectual property rights and publications. The researches create entrepreneurship and research opportunities for the students’ future.

Incubation Center for Internet of Things:

Centre for Incubation formed to recommend start-ups and innovative project contact to the possessions, catalyzes the entrepreneurship system in the institute by means of involvement and idea. Further turns ideas into possible business.

Key Researchers:

Dr. K. P. Arulshri, M.E., Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Smart materials, Vibration, Optimization, Composite materials.

Dr. H. Ganesan M.E., Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interest: Optimization, Composite Materials, Ergonomics, Smart Materials.

Dr.R.Joselin, M.E., Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interest: NDT, Acoustic Emission, Composite Pressure Vessel

Dr. R. Mekala M.E., Ph.D.

Computer Science & Engineering

Research Interest: Image Processing, Cloud Computing & Data Science.

 Dr. J. Maalmarugan. M.E., Ph.D.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Research Interest: Power electronics applications in power system, Smart Grid Technology, Internet of Things, E-Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence & Neural Network.

Dr. V. Sheela M.E., Ph.D.

Civil Engineering

Research Interest: Structural Engineering and Concrete Technology.

Dr. M. Meenakumari

Electrical & Communication Engineering

Research Interest: VLSI Design, Digital Image Processing & Digital Design.

Dr. S. Eswaran

Science & Humanities

Research Interest: Set Topology, Fuzzy Topology, Intuitionistic Topology, Spectroscopic Fuzzy Topology.

Dr. B. Kavitha

Science & Humanities

Research Interest:

 Dr. S. Aejitha

Science & Humanities

Research Interest: Electrochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Corrosion, Organic Chemistry.

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