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ECE - Association

Department associations are to foster a strong sense of community within the college by promoting the development and well-being of students. It will bond the students with each other with unity and love. Association activities will help students to think and plan together which help them in future to work in corporate. Department of Electronics and communication has a vibrant association named “ERNICKA”. 

The association enlightens the student to 

  • Develop and explore the student’s strengths and talents outside of academics.
  • Giving opportunity to the students to build friendships and participate in group activities outside of the tight circle of the regular classroom.
  • Advance the Educational and psychological values among the students.
  • Providing a way to keep students supervised outside of academic hours.
  • Building skills that are not necessarily taught in the classroom but are still important for the future.
  • Develop the overall Personality of the students.
  • Helping students develop stronger time-management and organisational skills.

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