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SRIET Profile

Sri Ranganathar Institute of Engineering and Technology (SRIET) came into existence in 2011, out of an ardent desire of Dr. V. Narayanasamy to contribute manifold to the society that nurtured him. SRIET is an Innovative Educational Institution where the curiosity, creativity and intellectual joy of students all drive to academic excellence. Our Institution provides complex problem-solving skill and imbibes service to the public good. SRIET is defined by strong association and working in ways that excel in traditional boundaries.

SRIET’s academic excellence is rooted in a student-centered model of learning. The Curriculum is an accurate approach to education that pushes the students to be creative thinkers, intellectual risk-takers and entrepreneurial problem-solvers.  SRIET leaves students prepared to thrive as independent and innovative leaders and equipped with the tools they need to become the next generation of leaders in their respective fields.

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