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Funded Projects

Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal Investigator/Co-InvestigatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardAmount Sanctioned (INR in Lakhs)Duration of the projectName of the Funding AgencyType  (Government/non-Government)
Image Processing and Edge Detection Technic Based Diseases Detection and Alert of tea plantJ. Rajiv GandhiCSE2019-200.066 monthsTNSCSTGovernment
Smart Walking Stick for Visually Disabled PersonsP.JeyabharathiECE2019-200.0456 monthsTNSCSTGovernment
Experimental investigation of self-healing flexible pavement using crub rubberK.KarthikeyanCIVIL2018-190.0756 MonthsTNSCSTGovernment
A Real-Time Automation for Greenhouse Farming with Scheduled Wireless Sensor Network Using Raspberry Pi and ArdunioUK.PraveenECE2018-190.0756 monthsTNSCSTGovernment
Smart Water Quality Monitoring and Distribution System Using IOTD.PalanivelEEE2018-190.0756 MonthsTNSCSTGovernment
Analyzing the effect of backing plate on the weld strength of aluminum alloysS.Om PrakashMECH2018-190.0756 MonthsTNSCSTGovernment


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