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Human Values & Ethics

SRIET adopts Anna University curriculum and inculcates the crosscutting issues in it. Students are made aware of Professional Ethics in Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Principles of Management and Total Quality Management. Practical courses on Soft skills, Environmental Sustainability and Renewable Energy are provided. Students are sensitized on Gender Equity.

Professional Ethics and Human Values:

In accordance with University curriculum, SRIET offers ‘Professional Ethics and Human Values’ to prepare students for practicing ethics and inculcate value system in handling their personal and professional domains of life. Practicing mutual respect, tolerance and fairness in dealing with others are encouraged to sustain and grow in modern environment & society.

SRIET gives importance on strengthening inner ability of students through soft skills training. Various club activities like Innovation club, IPR and Product Development Centre enable the students to exhibit their innovation ideas as Project models. Importance of group work and imbibing leadership are also being taught.

Yoga classes enable our students to improve their physical fitness and self-confidence in achieving inner peace and mindfulness.

Gender Equity:
Gender equity is practiced in Institution in all its activities including recruitment of staff, students’ admission, allotting them in laboratory batches, project team, cultural activities, sports, association activities, etc. Students are encouraged to co-work with other gender in all the above activities thus removes any barrier between them and create friendly existence. In addition, office bearers of associations, class representatives and club coordinators’ positions are shared equally among boys and girls. Women Empowerment Cell consisting senior female members of SRIET conducts various awareness programs and ensures grievances of girl students are addressed in time. Gender equity is encouraged in Innovation Cell and Entrepreneurship Development Cell also. A rebounding start-up by one of our girl students stands as a tall example for it.

Environment and Sustainability:

Environment study is a part of the curriculum and SRIET enlarges the knowledge of students on sustaining, improving and preserving the environment through various practices and programs to maintain natural world. Through extension activities like NSS/CSR/YRC, Tree plantation, Rain water harvesting, toilet construction and maintaining cleanliness & hygiene are done in nearby areas and schools.

Posters, talks, seminars and rallies are used to promote awareness among public to protect our environment and maintain ecological balance. Clean India-Swachh Bharat Campaign enables our students to have a chance to interact with local people and understand their socio-economic background to device ways to maintain cleanliness in neighborhood. Through Unnat Bharath Abhiyan scheme, students have adopted five nearby remote villages and conducted household survey. Students educated villagers on adopting new technologies, plastic-free environment and pandemic management. Rain water harvesting project is done in campus to recharge bore wells using twin-ring method.


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